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Thursday 17th November 2011


My new film to watch and ideas

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I could see a twinkle in her eyes, a light so deep embedded, made me smile made me fearless, but now it’s cracked and can never be fully put back together…

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Wednesday 16th November 2011


Dad, I miss you so much! I wish I could see you often. I wish you didn’t have schizophrenia… Maybe I would’ve been able to know more about you. Even though, I barely know you, I still have a few memories of you. Most of them aren’t good, but I know it’s not your fault [..more..]

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Oh my gosh I just want to walk down the stairs and yell at both of your for your total lack of respect. If its not one thing its another. You don’t seem to get how much the noise bothers other people in this house. I don’t want to bombarded with Christmas-crap yet. I don’t [..more..]

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It’s halfway through November, and with every day closer to December, I feel worse. I’m having nightmares, I’m hypersensitive, I don’t want to wake up in the morning, I want to hurt myself and I’m obsessively craving affection from men again… I’m afraid of this person that’s inhabiting my body, the person that always does [..more..]

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A past long forgotten, sealed and sent away – returned by a few words, now gone for the wind to blow away. i don’t mind, i’d do anything from losing your heart. An owl you’ve become, myself – a bear as i walk in the sunshine by the river and wonder if you’d walk the [..more..]

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Ooohhh how can i tell you….how much ugly you are. yes the only reason i dumped you, you are ugly…i feel so relief.., but i am good person, at least i didn’t tell you the real reason.

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Tuesday 15th November 2011


i was 15 when i started working.., job, studies, family responsibilities..,supporting family in all of that i forgot to make friends…now if i look at myself 26 years old.., i am so alone ..don’t even have single friend to talk…every week i open some social network account hoping that i will find some to talk…but [..more..]

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Nana, i miss you so much.. please come back.. i know your in heaven where you wanna be but its not fair to us we miss you so much you left so many people that LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. why why why.. mom didnt deserve this she didnt deserve to loose her whole family ina [..more..]

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Tell me I’m terrible. Hate me. Yell at me. Make me realize that I’m a person. Flawed and awful. Please. Because I can take that. What I can’t take is people thinking I’m good and letting them down.

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