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Saturday 5th November 2011


Just broke my no self harm streak 🙁

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You guys i know ou guys have a ard time getting through life. but hang in there. i know you can get through it.

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I’ve had a horrible past. I was abused by my father when I was young. Every guy I’ve had strong feelings for either cheated on me, or left me. My longest relationship was for 7 years, and it was to an abusive, (mentally and physically), drug addict. I had a kid with this horrible person. [..more..]

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I feel like…I can’t define it. I just read the some other peoples writing and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I feel like I’m not the only one that feel like they’re going crazy. I’m a bit bipolar though. So to all those who have ever written on this site: Thank you!

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Confined. I feel like my friends are shoving all their problems on my shoulders and the weight is killing me! They cause so much drama even though they say they hate it, and the stress makes it so that there’s no space for me to breath. They ask for advice, yet if I don’t tell [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd November 2011


I tell myself everyday that im an independent woman and i dont need a man in my life for me to be happy, but everytime i see him, i melt. my heart explodes and all i want is to just be in his arms. But i dont know how he feels towards me. i want [..more..]

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Who has a facebook on here? 😮

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I’m venting here. This is okay. I need to let myself know that… Its all going to be okay. Alright: I’ve been hurting myself. Not that I want to kill myself, I love being alive, but, well I don’t really get why. I cut myself with my fingernails. I just push them into my skin [..more..]

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I miss him the most at time when there’s nothing to do but think 🙁 I still love you more than ever Mitch <3 I'm sorry for lying to you.. Wish I could take it all back ! I miss and love you so much more than you understand.. We don't even talk anymore.. What [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd November 2011


I lost something important that will enroll me the next semester. I f***ing disappointed myself and my parents. What was wrong with me? How could I lose something on the spot where I actually got it? If someone had found it I hope they would give it back. I never felt so disappointed at myself.

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