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Friday 16th December 2011


I’m starting to feel overwhelming because of the social networks… i want time alone… i love the mystery and stuff and when i write something in the social networks people start talking and questioning… f*** i need a break.

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I discovered this site by accident. I don’t have anything in my mind right now but I’m certain my overwhelming urge to write will the get the better of me soon and I shall be back again.

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i feel like poop

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im so sick of everything my life is so stressful i just want to cry and i don’t think i can take much more !

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i have never written here , i am not sad or neither but i like writing even if is just in a paper , now i saw a place to write so , here i am. i also had love that this but its nothing to do with this , today when i was working [..more..]

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Thursday 15th December 2011


Its been a while since I last wrote and well nothing has changed… Went on a girls weekend away and I messaged you and to my surprise you messaged back… over that weekend we had quite a bit of correspondence…. The most in a long time but now guess what…. yes you have stopped talking [..more..]

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I have a boyfriend who broke with me after a 5 month relationship because after a party he had feelings for another girl, we were 2 weeks apart, i never got over him, and apparently he either, so as we were so in love again we got back together, and we have been happy by [..more..]

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Great. I’m forced into writing some really stupid ass song for a completely worthless video project that only a few people will look at, and will have nothing to do with me. And my Dad is playing harmonica. There can’t be any words. It also can’t totally suck, apparently. And right now, as I have [..more..]

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He still has the power to make me laugh more than anyone else. I long for him to go back with me and pretend some of this didn’t happen so we could just be friends again, so we could actually have a conversation again.

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Wednesday 14th December 2011


Break up with me. I mean it. I wish you would. If you broke up with me could we be friends and talk and laugh like we used to? F***, could we discuss everything and nothing? Could we be best friends again? Because f***ing anything is better than this silence, it makes me confused and [..more..]

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