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Tuesday 4th January 2011

sanity, they think a perspective different from their own is something else… they think it’s crazy! If it’s not sane, then it must be INSANE! I believe insanity is just another way of life. It has different gifts and different flaws than the way of life many people live by (sanity). I think the gift [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd January 2011

you think that i am just going to wait these 2 years for you. like you “waited” for me. dont try and turn this into some beautiful romance story becuase its NOT. its a stupid story about how i trusted youand how stupid i was and how much of an absolute D***HEAD you are. you [..more..]

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I never really thought of my self as an emotional person but iam and i cannot help that lately ive been feeling so insicure about myself i dont know why i dont think im an ugly girl but i look at others and then start to think that the feeling izz horrable dont get me [..more..]

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my best friend is suicidal, and its killing me.

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Saturday 1st January 2011

i have lost something very dear to me… i hope he was worth it beacuase im not going to be here when he is gone, im tired of being your person to vent on when he does something wrong.. you take it out on me, tell him the problem not me, yell at him, not [..more..]

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Friday 31st December 2010

Well i am an exchange student and now in France. Unfortunately about three weeks ago my ankle is broken because I felt down at the ice skate. It has to be six weeks for all my treatment(at least now it is a half way). I am very boring I keep counting down to take my [..more..]

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Thursday 30th December 2010

Well let me start of saying people seem to dought love these days and say that it dosent exist or it dosent last long or that i love him even if he cheated on me or i will love him forever i cant say i belive that loves forever but i cannot dought that it [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th December 2010

Im kinda hurting no one knows it. Im stong on the out side but in the inside im hurting I feel pain. I feel like no one loves me but I know thats not true. But my friends like 4 of them moved and I onley have like 1 friend now. Becouse I was in [..more..]

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you had to read my facebook status to relize something is wrong… i told you like 5 times yesterday and you still didnt get it… and now you want to be friends again even after what you said to me the other day? yeah right b**** get some new friends cuz i aint putting up [..more..]

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