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I can be happy, i can be sad , sometimes i get so sad and angry about my life yet sometimes i love my life so badly i cant believe i never wanted it. I have fights with my dads however they are minor i am the youngest, not being vain, the cleverest everyone wants me to end up being a doctor so i trying up most hardest- my main motivation- my father, for he is ill. i have 4 sisters and i am the fifth i also have a brother (he doesn’t live with us) who is married with 2 children (my niece and nephew)i love them dearly yet rarely see them for my brother made my father very upset. My sisters recently got married and i never went to the wedding, i felt very heart broken, however my father promised me that they will do one here (in the UK) I do consider myself popular as i have many friends, in my whole entire life i have only been bullied once and fortunately the bully left, this may seem childish although she really did take my friends away by not letting me in the game and kept following me around and repeating the same thing!My friend, who she took away, regrets the action she has committed and she has also mentioned that she had been bullied herself in the form of peer pressure, the girl had not only used me as a victim although many other of my friends when she left(not being rude) everyone was happy! I have many leader ship skills as well as acting skills consequently i have been chosen as the main character for a play. I do have some two faced friends however who only be cordial towards me for popularity, i am not the most popular however my friend is on the contrary she is not my best friend. I try to make myself busy although i do not go to any clubs meaning i am stuck at home 24/7 however i still have my friends come to my house regularly as for i go to their house, just yesterday i went to my friends house. I spend a lot of my time on the computer updating my status on websites and do my hw, i own a trampoline, Nintendo, PlayStation on which i also busy my self on. I hope you like my life.

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