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Saturday 10th December 2011


I love life. I hope you do to. Heres some reasons to live. life. &. LOve. it. 1. That person you will marry & love for the rest of your life, is out there walking the earth right now @ this second… 2. PUPPIES! 3. Killing yourself is a PERMANANT finish to a TEMPARORY problem. [..more..]

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i dont understand why my family just cant accept me for who i am. I work extremely hard in school and I always do the right thing. I consider myself a good person with good values and morals, but i just cant ever seem to please them– my mom, my dad, and my older sister [..more..]

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You know, i dont get it! Any of it! So many questions, so many thoughts. I hate looking in the mirror, and seeing what i look ike, i hate being alone, something is wrong with me, why else would i cry myself to sleep everynight!?? I constantly feel like someting is missing, but i dont [..more..]

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I was just looking for a site like this. I really dont know why, I just wanten to write something. Not like I have something to say, no, sorry. It’s just a need of writing…. English is not my everyday language, but sometimes it is easier for me to comunicate by it. In few days [..more..]

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I want somewhere to write something just for the sake of it. A place where you have to kick wet fish against the bland white walls to reveal more of the location, a place where love causes lovelorn hangovers and last but not least a place where a person can relax and fondle the map [..more..]

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I need someone to hear me, i need a true friend which seems that i don’t have…

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“I don’t see how it’s the answer to a medical condition” “My hand hurts when I write as well?” Does your hand feel like it’s being cut open but un trained monkeys? and then poked around by little needles attached to fire from hell? No. I don’t think it does. So stop being f***ing pathetic [..more..]

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pas cherA barnemigardiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ???????? chera delet vasam tang nashodeeeeeeeee ?????? chera azab vojdan nadari azinke mano too oon hal vel kardii ???? chera nemiaaay soragham ? chera soraghamo nemigiiriii ? chera velam kardi be rahattiiiiiiiiiii ??? unhame bato budam ,,,,, ba to che khatereha ke nadaram , chera nemiaaay paaas ? delet vase unrooza tang [..more..]

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Friday 9th December 2011


I just don’t know why but I hate this girl. Shes always around him or hanging with him. I feel like I’m disappearing from his view and shes getting closer and closer. Why does he take her side? Why does he take everyone else’s side but mine? Why am I the one who’s always wrong [..more..]

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Thursday 8th December 2011


Today, i lost my bestfriend of 11 years. She has decided to move to Balina, with her boyfriend. Am i suppose to be happy for her, smile and fight my tears back as she leaves her family, her friends and i behind. Am i suppose to forget the fact that she has been apart of [..more..]

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