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Posted by on 2012/04/27 under Uncategorized

I love you so much baby, we had it all until i ruined everything. You ended it and said you had to leave i told you id wait forever. I waited we finaly statrted talking again things took a turn for the worst, we were back to square one. Now we almost had it work, but then i didnt get my lisence now we have no way of hanging out. You dont even love me anymore. You dont know i pretend to talk to you all the time becuase i have no one. You dont know i cry about you and me. You dont know your all i ever think about. You dont know that hole in my heart suddenly turns into me missing one. It feels like your the only person who gets me, the only person ill ever let in. You act like you care so much, but is it just as friends? Out of guilt? Knowing im feeling depressed because of you? Dont give me false hope baby, youve broken my heart alot i have no idea when to walk away. I still blame all of this on me though, if i didnt lie to you we could of been eachothers everything. But dont worry because i now theres a part of you thats holding on not as much as me, but theres a part of you that cant let me go and for that i thank you. You truely loved me one point in your life, and even though thats over ill always love you (:3

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