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Tuesday 29th November 2011


Today is my birthday and my so called best friends today just avoided and ignored me. I feel really angry because i am sure i have done nothing to make her angry.

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I need to Annie Edison my life. Plan out every little detail until I am back on track, because I’m a mess right now. I was sick and now I’m better, there’s a word for that, right? When you take a bunch of time off and then you have to go back to life and [..more..]

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why do i wake up every morning? its just the same bull s*** over and over again. the same youll never be good enough. i always end up in the same spot. sitting in my room alone, with a blade. who wouldve thought that hurting myself more would help me more then anything else can. [..more..]

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im falling down an abyss that i wont be able to get out of. depression is a f***ed up thing. just sitting in my room thinking about things that happened today and i keep looking at my razor blade. i want the blade to run slowly across my wrists and ill love every second of [..more..]

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i cant help you. im trying and i cant. i cant figure out how to make you smile again. i cant figure out how to make you happy again. we used to be so happy together then both our lives pretty much dropped down the steepest hill, a hill that we cant get back up. [..more..]

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I hate my mom so much she bullies my brother he is only 10 and s***s him, pulls his hair, whips him, and other bad stuff and today she throughout my brother’s christmas list, which he was working on for a week, and now its gone and i just dont know what to do everyone [..more..]

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olivia, i love you with all my heart. Everyday i wake up thinking about you. but like its killing me that we cant be together i know i f***ed up before but i need you. i cant sleep without you. without knowing your mine. you say you love me and that you wanna be with [..more..]

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…..i hate everything. i hate myself. i hate my family. i hate my house. i hate my life. ive carved f*** up into my arm at least 20 times in the past two months…. ill have a perminant scar of “f*** up” on my arm so that everyone i meet will know to stay away [..more..]

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if theres anything you will ever learn about me, it is that i have f***ed up all my life. i lost the one girl that meant anything to me. i havent seen my mom in over a year because she was cheating on my dad and i found it. im still determined to kill the [..more..]

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I did it again. I know I should try to stop but I needed it. I needed that feeling of release. I needed to breathe. It was just 12 little lines down my arm. Nothing compared to the times before. But it meant everything. She would have been 6 months old today. 6 months old. [..more..]

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