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Thursday 24th November 2011


I don’t know what to do. I know that I am in love with her and I know have the strength to tell her but she is always just out of reach. Im loosing my mind, she is around but I can never find her. Its like a cruel joke being played on me. I [..more..]

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so this boy i kind of like him and i kind of dont…so i first start talking to him and we talked for two months then we had sex and after it happened we didnt talk for like a week (he says because i didnt call him) so we start talking again and me and [..more..]

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OH MY GOSH – Okay; you asked me what’s up; ‘cos I looked down and sad, and I said I didn’t want to talk about it; I was fine. You persisted. I said no, really. You PERSISTED. So, I wrote out the whole damn thing for you, the thing that spanned three days including my [..more..]

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We met when I was playing in the pit and he was stage manager. All of the cast felt to important to come down and talk to us musicians. Except him and the stage crew. They all laughed at their naive thinking and promised me they would never become like them. We played pranks on [..more..]

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Even in the dark you can find the slightest ray of sun

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Stay strong everyone you can get through this

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Guise, you should like totz watch the new X MEN FILM. It’s totz amaze. js. luffyalotz xo

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Wednesday 23rd November 2011


The day you realize the different between perception and reality, you will have figured out what Aristotle couldn’t figure out. 

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Tuesday 22nd November 2011


What if its you…. what if our hearts are meant to be one…. MLD<3DMF

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Well i hope I have not done too much damage… I drank a little bit too much the other night and sent you messages that i normally wouldnt…i guess if i am honest that they were messages of my true feelings…. you only replied the once and that reply was your normal typical basic reply [..more..]

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