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There is this girl that i like but im confused?
Get ready for a long read. Basically there is this girl that i really liked for ages (and i mean years) and recently in the past year, we have got quite close to each other. first of all she used to say that she really liked the way i dress and liked my personality. she also has this massive crush on zain from one direction and said that I looked loads like him, so I said that she looked nice and that I liked her.

then she met this other guy. she met him up town and said that we looked like each other and that he was fit. i honestly cant tell you how gutted i felt when she said that. she then didnt talk to me as much but would hug me and look happy whenever she saw me. after like a month of them kind of meeting each other, she found out that her best mate had slept with him. she was then upset with her mate and the guy she was seeing, and i saw that she was sad so i tried to cheer her up. i made her laugh all week and never let her get upset about it whilst i was with her, i honestly felt that i might have a chance. Then at the end of the week the lad she was seeing and her best mate gave her like loads of apologies, even tho i said to ignore them as they had upset her and i told her she didnt deserve to be upset . she then forgave them and now in the last week they have all started talking to each other, and now i think that she is going to start seeing him again as shes always at his house. Then the other day i was wait for the bus at the bus stop and it was raining pretty bad. i saw her and she gave me a massive hug then held my hand for ages! what did that mean?! im just confused to weather she actually liked me or not and if shes gunna go out with the other guy, i just want her to be happy so im confused as to what to do/say.
can someone please help me?!.

Ps its easy enough saying tell her how you feel, but when you’ve liked her for sooo many years, i really dont want to break what we already have

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