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Posted by on 2012/04/19 under Friends

Hi catie,
I hope you come across this. I have something I have been wanting to say to you friend. Your a snuck up little drama b*tch! You act all innocent but your really mean. Going behind someone’s back isn’t nice at all. Especially when they are your “friends”. You tell the teacher they r your favorite so you can get better grades. Your really smart but freak out whenever a test is coming up saying “oh I’m going to fail! I’m never going to pass” when YOU and everyone else knows tht u will pass. You make us look stupid. it’s not cute to get all high pitched voice whenever a good guy friend of mine comes around. When someone tells a dirty joke you get all pissed about it. Your such a drama queen! you kick boys out of the table cause they are acting like boys. NOT COOL! and you say im jelous of you? who would be jelous of YOU? Just so you know I’m doing alot better in life than you are. Why? Cause I have friends. Your “friends” told me that they are sick of you. Goodbye drama queen!
From, not your friend anymore!

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