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Please take a moment to read this.
Being popular isn’t the world. They get b****y and act like sluts. They act all innocent and cute when they are really so mean. They wear clothes that look like nothing is on them. Flirt with everybody. Say they r bi just to get attention. Do drugs,smoke and have sex. only a few don’t do any if these things and still are popular. Those are the good Ones.

You say your ugly? I disagree. It’s your personality that only the good and caring people love about. The people who can’t see that are blind. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your pretty! Now stop saying your not!

A crush dont like you? It’s not the end of the world! If he doesn’t like you just because your not popular or your “ugly” than just don’t even bother with him. He isn’t worth a dime. If you like a boy than be his/her friend first. Hang out laugh. If you still have feelings than go for it! If he/she has feelings for someone else Than still hang out with him . It may not last that long their relationship that is

Everyone has problems. You find out that alot of people are going through the same thing. Some are going through much worse. Your never alone.

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