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Tuesday 6th March 2012


I’m ugly. And it’s not just something I put on myself. I’m not the kind of person who just stands in front of the mirror and thinks about their flaws. I don’t spend hours of my day dreaming about having the perfect body and the most beautiful face. No, This is stuff people have told [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th February 2012


What’s wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with me?! What’s wrong with YOU?! Why the hell do you want me around anyway!? Just to call me names and make me feel like CRAP?! To freaking threaten me when I don’t want to do things your way!? Why?! I tried to leave once, but [..more..]

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Thursday 23rd February 2012


I Love You..Your the best thing that has ever hapeened to me. I would love everything you did for me. That cute face you made when I smiled at you. You were perfect.. But I was stupid and let you go. And that I am sorry for. I know you loved me, and I broke [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


I look at myself in the mirror every day and think, “I can’t hold all this up anymore.” I look at my face like it isn’t mine. I look at my parents and worry that they hate me. I look at my sister and feel absolute disgust. I don’t understand who I am or what [..more..]

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Tuesday 14th February 2012


Well i plucked up the courage to ring you this morning… Your reception was fine i was worried that you wouldnt be so inviting and want to chat… I asked what was happening with us and i cant remember all of it but basically you dont want the hassles of my husband… you said he [..more..]

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Saturday 28th January 2012


I thought that my teacher was nice but today he gave out candy canes and he forgot me and I felt mad and i was the only one left to give then there were no more then when the bell rang and i went to my locker three girls were there and i said move [..more..]

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Saturday 21st January 2012


…I love you. There. I finally said it. I just regret that it couldn’t be to your face. It’s been a month, two weeks and two days since you broke up with me to deal with things alone. Now you complain about being single. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? Do [..more..]

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Tuesday 17th January 2012


You dont f***ing love me! You never f***ing did! Your just a piece of s*** who used me like the f***ing others! YOu know what i dont f***ing want you! your nothing to me! absolutly nothing! i hate yoir god damn face! i hate you with all my heart! I never ever want to be [..more..]

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Thursday 29th December 2011


…Okay: I can’t say this to your face, but I’ll say it anyways. Yes, I’d kiss you, and yes I WANT to kiss you. Except I don’t want anything emotional, so if that’s okay with you, can we just make out? Of course that sounds completely slutty and desperate, but I have trust issues and [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st December 2011


Hey guess what? Ive had sex. Dispite you talking me out of it for months and months, i had sex with him. And guess what? I f**king enjoyed it! And guess what else? We have sex all the time, now that you have broken up with your boyfirend, i have had more sex that you [..more..]

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