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Thursday 30th June 2011

she is the world’s awesomest girl with awsme awsmeness…acc to me she is js …js out of this world. She is like no other…her super cute smile, her silky hairs, her ultra gorgeous face, her pearly eyes,her unbeatable confident talk n walk, her super great attitude towards life, her sincerity, her super cool ideas, her [..more..]

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Tuesday 28th June 2011

I`m sure most of you got trough this ! It`s like when you madly love someone and you want to spend all the time with that person and the first thing you want to see when you wake up is his face, and at some point you think he loves you back but when this [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st June 2011

I hate how you make me feel like dirt….

I hate how you make me feel like dirt. I am so proud, proud of the little things. I try so HARD to be perfect, for you and everone else…for myself. I want to be perfect artistically, with my drawings and photography; academically and most of all, physically. I NEVER WANT TO BE SEEN WEAK. [..more..]

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Sunday 22nd May 2011

i never thought that itd me easy becuz were both so distant now and the walls are closing in on us…and were driftin apart and u can see the look on my face, it just tears me apart..but we keep on fighting and we try and try and try so ts up to u and [..more..]

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Saturday 9th April 2011

If you’re all angry at him don’t write it on is Facebook wall like f***ing idiots! Just say it to his face you pathetic people! putting it on his wall shows nothing of your apparent courageous efforts to embarrass someone… your all fails; man up and say whatever your trying to say to his face!

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Tuesday 5th April 2011

It’s either i want him or not i have to make my choice now before it’s too late. I don’t know. i mean he is cute and all but i have to decide now before its too late. Here’s the thing though: I think I’m already late. He hasn’t been paying attention to me as [..more..]

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Tuesday 29th March 2011

So cant get you off my mind… My heart is heavy…. My eyes are filled with tears my face has no shine…..I hurt I ache but yet I feel so numb…….How can that be… I love you and dont want to think about you not being in my life…..Even though you have never been a [..more..]

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Sunday 13th March 2011

Suburban bourgeois that have had their needs catered too their whole life have no desire to listen to technical details. I understand that. What I don’t understand is their perverse desire to be “part” the decision making process. If they have such a great aversion to learning new things, and generally have a hard time [..more..]

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Thursday 10th February 2011

I really do like him, but he’s way out of my league. Firstly, he’s 40, 26 years older than me. Secondly, I bet he wouln’t even look at me the way I want him to look at me because I’m his patient and that’s all I’ll ever be to him.Okay, he may be 40 but [..more..]

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Sunday 9th January 2011

pissed off at everyone today, stop telling me to do things, honestly, just f*** off. and YOU, you’re such a prat, and the only reason you’re pretending to be interested in communicating with me is because i said it was f***ing annoying having to poke and prod and wring you dry until you spoke a [..more..]

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