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Posted by on 2011/01/09 under Uncategorized

pissed off at everyone today, stop telling me to do things, honestly, just f*** off.
and YOU, you’re such a prat, and the only reason you’re pretending to be interested in communicating with me is because i said it was f***ing annoying having to poke and prod and wring you dry until you spoke a single word. the f*** kind of relationship is that? where you’re too busy avoiding everything, i’m always the first to talk to you, and when i call you out on you’re pissy ways you close in on yourself….. don’t even f***ing ask me to come over cos i don’t want to see your face. not to mention you didn’t bother to tell me how i couldn’t yesterday; while i was under the impression that i was, then you blow it off completely. if you really gave a s*** about me, or seeing me, you’d make an effort, no? instead of waiting last minute to ask or say anything. you don’t want to communicate with me at all, so why would i want to be with you? i’m sorry i like talking to you.. you obviously don’t feel the same way.. apparently i don’t deserve the time of day, or a single timely response. no, i’m a burden to you. just another obligation, hm.

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