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Saturday 3rd November 2012

My Ex-Guy Best Friend

I once have a guy bestfriend.His name is Nate.We’re very very close.We shared everything together.There is no secrets between us.We’ve been bestfriends since we we’re 12 years old.He is kind of the popular guy because he’s got the look.Well me? I’m just plaine nothing less,nothing more.We have a very great friendship.Even our moms are friends.My [..more..]

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Friday 2nd November 2012

Thank you

Thank you to whoever created this site, I’ve been searching for a place like this, a place where i can be heard, a place to type things, feelings, emotions, things on my mind. It’s not good to let those things fill your mind, keep them in, you’ll get a headache. Here you know you are [..more..]

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Monday 29th October 2012

Teenage :[

I feel like i cant take it anymore. Everyone is on me about everything. I just want to get help. I cant take most of my friends, Ive lost my bestfriend. My mum dosent want to talk about my depression with me. I feel lost and confused. I dont know where to turn. My heart [..more..]

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Sunday 28th October 2012

When I was younger…

I use to be pretty chubby. I was always the “fat one” in the house. My family always talked about it, I never said anything… I just cried. I would lock myself in the bathroom and just stare at my stomach and ask myself why I wasn’t skinny like the other girls or why did [..more..]

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I honestly don’t know anymore…

I’m just so done trying. I’m done trying to become close to anyone ever again because every single time I do, they leave. There’s no point to it. I just want someone to hug me. I want someone to be there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. And not just anyone, someone [..more..]

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Friday 19th October 2012

Subtle thought escaping from my dizzy mind..

Slower now is how the world spins, I’m waiting for the drop. Lifting my hands to my face, I realize now is the time to hide. What is left to hide from, have I not uncovered everything? Have I not faced my demons? Why am I still standing here, waiting? Why am I still so [..more..]

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Wednesday 10th October 2012

Someone I’m Not, and never can be

I want things. That I most likely will never have. I want to be the girl that everyone wants to talk to. with tan skin, long hair a perfect face and a perfect smile who could have anything.. and I mean anything they ever wanted. the Best of the best. The girl who gets any [..more..]

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Do you eveer feel like life smacks u in the face sometimes?Do u ever feel like u cant get up like life just keeps knocking you down….. check this out….my step mom who is suppose to be their for me stole my money,this knocked me down, i tried to get back up and she told [..more..]

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Tuesday 9th October 2012

everything is wrong

I keep hoping for everything to get better, but it doesn’t. When one little things goes right a thousand things go wrong and i just can’t handle it. Everytime there’s a smile on my face, i just know something is gonna go wrong and i fear that all the time. I can’t run away from [..more..]

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Friday 5th October 2012

I’m too tired.

Life is getting repetitive for me. Life is boring. I’m boring. People think I’m boring. Even my ‘best friend’ left me. She’s just distancing herself away from me. I don’t even know what I did wrong. People think I’m lame, awkward, a nerd. I’m just shy and insecure. I feel like pursuing a music career [..more..]

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