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Monday 16th July 2012

She killed herself.

She killed herself. With a bullet. I didn’t really know her, but I think we may have met. I am supposed to be painting her portrait. But, I’m not… I’m not doing anything. I am an artist. Unmotivated, but skilled. I am a mother. Unmotivated, but loving. I am a girlfriend, and when you’re not [..more..]

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Sunday 15th July 2012

so are you the daddy

Well are you????? The more i look on my fake face book account the more i think you are the daddy of her baby …. Nothing has been written but your mother has like a few status’s and i guess that’s all i have to go by but my gut feelings tell me that you [..more..]

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Oscar Gearlin, chillin in this b****, got nothing to say, pull a cone watch it rip. Gonna get higher, timing it is quick from the chronda that i sip. x2 Yeah, im chillin in this bed while i rap, watch the time go, feet back, Peter Direens fat, Haha just jokin this rap is not [..more..]

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Saturday 30th June 2012

Is this goodbye……

Well I out smarted you this time… You blocked me on face but I made up a fake account and you accepted…. Yes you accepted…. You accepted a total stranger…. Love it…. But the downside or maybe the upside I got to look at your page and found that you are in a relationship… But [..more..]

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Tuesday 19th June 2012


After 5 years you have stopped talking and blocked me on face book… this time I think its the end…i know i have thought this before but this time its different… I seriously think its the end. Its been 3 months since we last spoke.. I wish I had the guts to ring you 🙁 [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th June 2012


My boyfriend flirts with everyone and he says he doesn’t like slutS even tho all his past girlfriends have been sluts. Then on his face book it say he has commented in his ex girlfriend status ‘like for a line’ if he doesn’t like her anymore why does he care what she thinks. When we [..more..]

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Monday 11th June 2012


You left me by myself. You said you would be there for me but where are you now? You said “if you would fall i will be there to catch you.” Well i’ve fallen and where were you to catch me? We were always together, now we are not. What happen to us? You were [..more..]

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Sunday 10th June 2012


a song, brings back the memories of a thousand feelings, my “first” gave me a song, and i listen to it over and over again and all i see is his face, although he talks to me everyday, he is never going to feel what i feel and what i have been feeling for so [..more..]

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Friday 8th June 2012


I am so depressed. It’s so scary at my house. I always have nightmares. And there’s ticks everywhere.I feel like I’m in a scary forest. Lost in the dark. And all alone. And the world is out to destroy me. And someone is controlloying me. I’m always shy. And I’m sad. 3 years ago. The [..more..]

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Thursday 7th June 2012


When i heard your voice it’s like the angels calling When i saw your face my world stops for your beautiful eyes When i felt your touch i get the goose bumps and feel a sort of tinkling When i tasted your air it’s like the heavens made the air perfect just for us You [..more..]

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