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Monday 3rd December 2012

My Emotions Right Now <

Ugh I just want to hold your hand and have you love me back. Because you are the only one for me. And I want to wake up next to you every single morning and I want you to smile when you see my face. I love you but you love her and that is [..more..]

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Someone with no one.

Life has been infuriatingly difficult these last few months. I only blame myself. I could never be the person who is easy to approach. I could never be the person with a smile on their face and laugh of any negativity. Someone such as myself deserves to be alone, without the comfort of others. No [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012


It’s hard being yourself.I don’t care what people say.It is.Because if you listen to screamo music and wear clothes at a store that’s “creepy” and you stand up for yourself.You know what you usually get? Hurtful words spat at your face.People say it’s easier to be yourself then a different person.Nope.It’s not.When your not yourself [..more..]

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I Am Afraid Of My Own Shadow

I am so shy. Like, beyond shy. Whenever I am with my friends, I sort of blend in the walls as if they do not notice me. If I say anything, they do not even answer me. The boys used to like me, but now I am too scared to even look at them because [..more..]

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Thursday 29th November 2012


i see u ridin around with my mates and i’m thinking f*** off…all she is is a mindf***er i’m sick of seeing her face all i wanna do is smash her prick face into the tire of my car and get away with running her over…i wanna go sniff my ‘ominous white powder’ my mate [..more..]

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Sunday 25th November 2012

Gay people are equal but i don’t want to be one

I am not personally gay but i feel like i am being constantly forced into doubting myself because people always shove it in my face. I am not gay, i don’t want to be gay or bisexual i like being straight. I have a lesbian best friend and a gay best friend they are the [..more..]

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Friday 23rd November 2012

First Time

So I’ve been emotionally depressed, and think everything is wrong with me. I am 17 years old, female, and currently going through a rough patch of my life, well for me anyways. My boyfriend broke up with me, the one i lost it to, and now I’m crushed, I feel empty inside, I gave him [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st November 2012


I saw the pencil sharpener, and broke out in to an immense fit, the tears flooded down my face. I just froze there like a pillar of salt and looked at the little screws on the hand held pencil sharpener, which had appeared to have had been loosened. I picked up the dainty little thing [..more..]

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Tuesday 20th November 2012


The hardest things to do is to watch the one you love, love someone else. The memories that replay in my head day in and out, brings dark and painful thoughts.Tears no longer fall from my face, smiles are not longer real. Moving on is hard and even harder when your heart and brain fight [..more..]

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Wednesday 7th November 2012

Waiting for You

Sometimes there is a guy perfect for you. You don’t know who he is or what he does or anything about him. The only thing you know is that he is what makes your life bearable. I go through my miserable life only with the hope that one day I will meet him and that [..more..]

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