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Thursday 8th December 2011


why do i feel like everything i do, is never good enough for you. im always seeking your approval, that few words that mean so much to hear. “im proud of you” or even just “well done” its always do this, or do that. i can’t do anything right. And im tired of you treating [..more..]

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Wednesday 30th November 2011


who wouldve thought that a single note from the girl that i am head over heels for could end my life…. i dont wanna read it for fear of what ill do,ifeel like when i read this ill just end up crying my eyes out and slicing my wrists open. i hope this goes better [..more..]

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Sunday 27th November 2011


going away next weekend for a girls weekend away….. so cant wait…. but i am taking your parents address with me and i am going to get you a present and send to you…. Dont know what but i hope you like it…. Was going to buy you clothes but dont know your size and [..more..]

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Thursday 10th November 2011


every day is just a pain to live through. I see you in everywhere i go, its like im being tormented by your memories. I don’t know what else to do, i feel like i do not deserve this. i love you so much it breaks my heart to pieces, and everyday i pick them [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd November 2011


I tell myself everyday that im an independent woman and i dont need a man in my life for me to be happy, but everytime i see him, i melt. my heart explodes and all i want is to just be in his arms. But i dont know how he feels towards me. i want [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd November 2011


Ghosh i just wanna f*** someone. How did guys do that. I’m not of that kind just come to someone and start talking. It’s not mine(((. I’m so afraid. I’m such a shy person. Dont know wat to do with this. I think thats wat my life will be like and thats wat i should [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st November 2011


i just want to get out of the damn rat race. i want to run alone for once in my life, without the fear of being overtaken and left behind…….i want to run to places where i want to go, and not to get away from places where i dont want to be.

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Wednesday 26th October 2011


Sitting here thinking about you and the tears start to flow…. I know i ask myself a million times and I know I say it a trillion more but why why cant we be together.. My love for you is strong and real and I just dont want to go on without you anymore….. No [..more..]

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there is this guy in my school, he is supperr cute!! or shuld i sat hott!! but he is rude to people who arent “popular”.. im in the popular group…so its all good for me.. but he can be a real jerk to kids who dont have what it takes.. please help me to decide [..more..]

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Friday 21st October 2011


I love you so much and yet I dont know if you’re the person Im going to marry. That makes my heart ache. Are we wasting eachother’s time? I dont know..

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