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Tuesday 1st May 2012


i miss you so much, its been two months now and you already found someone new. i f***ed up and couldn’t get you back. i dont know what to do anymore

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Monday 30th April 2012


Hey my name is Olivia but every one calls me Ollie.Theres this guy in my class and he always talks to me and always looks at me 🙂 but i dont know if he likes me and im to scared to ask him out but he soo cute.What should i do ? xxx

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Wednesday 25th April 2012


I always need to get that affirmation from someone. If I dont, I constantly question myself. I need to be content with myself. I need to be able to feel good about myself just because I am me.

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Thursday 19th April 2012


blank space is like my life. i am a writer, i want to write something, anything, but i just stare blankly at a blank page. i think i’m stressed but i dont know how to just relax. i’m a worrier. i try to talk to people about it but no one listens.

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Sunday 15th April 2012


Everytime I look at some other girl’s photos I can’t help but think why are they so damn beautiful? I feel ugly. I feel hated. People hate me secretly and others just dont give a f*** about me. They feel ashamed of me and of course I’m just somebody they know.. because I’m not good [..more..]

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Why can’t I be beautiful like her? She is so pretty I hate myself. This is not me. I feel stupid for feeling self concsious about me myself. But I can’t help it but thinking I’m the ugliest duck on earth. I just want to be pretty so that he will like me, and not [..more..]

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Saturday 14th April 2012


i want you, but i dont

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you know that feeling when you dont quite know what to feel, when everything around you is happening and your in the middle thinking i dont want to be here i want to be somewhere where i can actually know about how i feel and not have to think about it to understand my feelings

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Wednesday 4th April 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here… The woman that raised me for 11 years just left today. and i just dont feel anything… should i be sad? should i cry? AM I SHOCKED? i think i should have some time to think… or i am just a horrible person.

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Tuesday 3rd April 2012


im dating someone that is 17 and im 13….and im pregant with his baby..i dont know if i should get a abortion or out it up for adoption..i dont know what to do rite scaried..i want a baby..but them i dont..i really need help

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