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Monday 1st October 2012

School Kelseigh and im 10 years old.when i was at school there is bullying going around and my school counceler thinks i might be one.but i know im not because i dont have any friends to hang out with so i talk to nobody.any advise?PLZ COMMENT SOME ADVISE

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people listen

Dear people.if you are reading this i feel bad about what i wrote earlier.i wrote MY DAY.and you might be mad but i luckly worked it out.listening to your comments and stories you wrote made me feel a lil better so dont worry we worked it out and thank you all

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Sunday 30th September 2012

i miss you, the old you

actaully i dont! you have turned into such a bish and you nice one minute and bad the next! your just so moody and it annoys everyone! the things you do to others, if you asked the people you think are your friends what they actually think about you, well i will tell you what [..more..]

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Friday 28th September 2012

dont be like me

Don’t give up on life I have because nobody cares about me but there are people out there who have given up but have people who care about them. so Don’t give up keep going you have a good life ahead of you and dont throw it away

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Friday 21st September 2012


everyone keeps saying its gonna be okay…they dont know how it feels…

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Monday 17th September 2012

Why is love so hard sometimes :/

you are my first love, and I don’t know why I’m so worried that I’m going to lose you, I get paranoid and afraid but you just seem so sure of yourself and ready for the world without me in it, i just dont want you to leave me behind, please dont leave me behind [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th September 2012

I love you

I know you have a boyfriend. BUT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TEXT ME! Why, why do you tell me everything…why do you kiss me…why do you act like you love me until your with him. I dont understand you say you cant be with me yet you do everything with me. I just told you [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th September 2012

I dont know why

I have recently just felt like I have given up on me. I dont go out anywhere, even with family. I just feel overweight and just like I have step out of life. You wouldnt think it to see me cause I fix myself up enough to fake everyday. Please dont get me wrong I [..more..]

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Monday 3rd September 2012

in love

ok so now that we that we enter school i meet someone who is really nice and generous he might not be so hot be he is really kind to me well to every one and i wanna know if the likes me or not what should i do i dont wanna sound desprete HELP!

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Saturday 1st September 2012

high point

Back to doing what I like , hope I dont f*** it up again . Lesson learned is dont think all is lost or you just dig a deeper hole , gradually climb out and at some point you will reach the top again. Hope I get to get my hole while im at it

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