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Saturday 28th July 2012

i dont know

I don’t know but why does it happen.when everything began to fall in place there is a storm in life which make sure that i realise that there is no happiness in my life, that i on’t deserve to be happy. every small smile that i managed on my face has a great fear behind [..more..]

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Wednesday 25th July 2012


i dont know what to write i just need someone to talk to..ive been feeling alone although i shouldnt cause i have plenty of friends and theres this guy who likes me..alot..and i want to just lay in his arms and feel loved anyway he wants to have sex and i said yes and i [..more..]

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Friday 20th July 2012


totally had sex but blacked out there goes my good girl reputation but i dont know what to do i cant tell my mom obviously im freaking out

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Thursday 12th July 2012


I know you saw it, why wont you write to me? dont you even care about me, im freakin out here!!

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Wednesday 11th July 2012


trust is something you need to earn. abusing it will take so many challenges any that may never approach again. while people go along with their happy lives you will be stuck with hurt feelings and shattered emotions. the most important thing is appreciate the little things now and dont get greedy there is always [..more..]

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Wednesday 4th July 2012

Confused :/

As i look back in my life i should be happy of all the wonderful things i have but for some reason i cant be happy. Ima girl who acts like her life is perfect and is happy all the time but inside im not so happy. I dont know why maybe because ive had [..more..]

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Monday 18th June 2012


F*** i hate not being with her but if i dont got you then f*** it someone better should stay for good. Someone who will understand the important things

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Thursday 14th June 2012


I’m trying to look forward for this summer, but i know it wil just ennd up like the others. However, anything i do to that RED they dont like it, juat what do you want from me? i dont know what im feeling at the moment i dont know if im happy or sad, but [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th June 2012


I just feel very insecure about a lot of stuff. Sometimes i know i’m being insecure about trivial, non-important stuff. There is no use of such fears, they just make me a negative person. I dont want to be a negative person. I want to be a positive person

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Saturday 9th June 2012


Some people say when you wish for something hard enough you eventually get it. Then why wont you reply? i miss you soo much it hurts. i didnt think this would happen but it did and i dont know what to do. i’ve never felt this way about anyone before. i love you so much [..more..]

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