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Tuesday 27th March 2012


im dating this guy who i dont know at all..we really like each other he lives in new jersey n i live in a crappy town 1000 miles away from him..i really like him n i want to be with we never get to see each other at all…so i dont know what [..more..]

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Monday 26th March 2012


so today is my bday and i feel like sht! i dont understand why the fk its a happy day… maybe i will know it later in life

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Thursday 22nd March 2012


hes falling for me and i dont know if i am falling for him. </3

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Tuesday 20th March 2012


Saying i dont care is maybe one of the meanest things you can say to somebody. Whether if it is your grandma aunt uncle parents or your closest friend. It is a symble of rudity and is a very low thing to say. When you say i dont care, its like your saying you dont [..more..]

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Friday 16th March 2012


im so mad not sure why i think it might stem from the a past 3 nights of dreams of my ex we broke up almost a year ago but i just dont know anymore i need to move but u still haunt me i loved you with everything but you ripped my heart out

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Saturday 10th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here… so yeah… my life is boring, and i dont have any true friends.

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Monday 5th March 2012


I dont know how to feel.

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Wednesday 29th February 2012


I dont have many friends. Not cool, so not many friends. It sucks can’t disscuss with people during difficult concepts in school. No one to talk to about the new kid cudi albums. No one to laugh with, and smile with. Stuff like that it sucks

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Friday 24th February 2012


I dont feel accepted for who I am. People insist they do- but I don’t feel it. I feel i have to be quiet and not let my opinions show. I have to stop myself from talking- expressing. If i try to explain my feelings, im considered dramatic. My feelings dismissed- trivialized. She exudes disgust. [..more..]

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Friday 17th February 2012


I try it first time. I dont know in will work or not. But I need a place wher I can share my thoughts. I think I can improve this site if the owner wants to. sorry to say but it is not look attractive.

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