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Thursday 16th February 2012


Dont Whatch me Disspare …

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Monday 13th February 2012


Can i crawl in a hole and not come out until I have at least one person who loves me for me? Why does he have a girlfriend? I can’t find anyone like him. We used to be so good together. I hate being the replacement, the second choice from anyone. My own best friend [..more..]

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Friday 10th February 2012


my boyfriend lives miles away but i do really like him and one minute he does and the next he dont well he doesnt seem like he does.. and like if i break up with him i would feel likke so lonely:L but the thing is i really like him so it pisses me off [..more..]

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Monday 6th February 2012


I Dont have depression but somehow i always hated my life and i wanted to end it all. I just want a place to escape my horrible life.I hate it so much. I feel like im trapped in a big black box where there’s no way out. Sometimes I feel like im in a big [..more..]

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Sunday 5th February 2012


im dont know what to do everything is so crazy

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Friday 3rd February 2012


i’m tired the kind of tired where you really dont care about anything any more you just kinda give up. knowing nothing will ever be the same again i keep thinking about this line Ned Kelly said and it pretty much sums up everything for me “such is life”

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Thursday 2nd February 2012


Im sick and tired of the s*** you are putting me through. I cant handle it anymore. You have oushed me to my egde. I do anything you want me to do, i guess thats still not enough. I know your trying to changed me. I dont want that. I want to be me and [..more..]

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Tuesday 31st January 2012


what the F have i done….omg i am so confused now…..worse than ever before…5 yrs of waiting and now theres no going back…. it didnt at all work out how i wanted nor where i wanted …..nothing…… i dont even know how i feel anymore……confused isnt the word for it…. what the f have i [..more..]

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Friday 27th January 2012


I need help with my bad habbits. i feel like im being stepped on, and im not doing well in sports as i have before. I dont want to be the person everyone thinks sucks. I practice hard every day i have practice and i still am not happy with my results. Im negative on [..more..]

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Monday 23rd January 2012


with the sorrow in her eyes she cried for the death of her loved one, i didnt know him but i felt her ache , her words cut through me , dont know how to comfort the one who was the cheerful friend i knew, dont think she deserved it ….. half of the truth [..more..]

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