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Everytime I look at some other girl’s photos I can’t help but think why are they so damn beautiful? I feel ugly. I feel hated. People hate me secretly and others just dont give a f*** about me. They feel ashamed of me and of course I’m just somebody they know.. because I’m not good enough for you, for him for everyone

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  1. andy says:

    it’s okay listen to what you belive dont gve up on your dream’s or the one you love <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes the “beautiful” ones are the worst! Mean, and total well you know. I use to look at the mirror and think to myself “eww look at me I’m ugly” now I don’t. I’m pretty. I’m not best looks thing but I’m pretty. And I bet you r too. Don’t let yourself down. I’m 14 and I never once have gotten asked out. There is nothing wrong with it. And don’t be so hard on self. If they can see how beautiful you are than they must be blind. Just ignore them. I know it’s hard but If you do and you just live you life than they will slowly come crawling back to u. (:

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