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Wednesday 6th June 2012


I overheard somebody yesterday… A magical thing. Its just a word BELIEF. One should believe in things. That’s what is lacking in me. I don’t believe in anything at all. Hence I dont have opinion on anything. I hope I will start believing in me.

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my neighbor thats lives above me is the scum of the earth, he is always making noise, pounding, banging, his tv is always so dam loud. He is a smart ass, stupid d***, I have complained to the manager six times but she favors him so she dont do s*** cause he is still making [..more..]

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Wednesday 30th May 2012


I Love when you lick and suck my boobs. and stick your tounge inside me. i just want it. dont you see im a groupie in denial. i love sex. i love it. Why am im so weird?.. oh well.

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Friday 25th May 2012


I feel so empty, my bf is away i dont know until when, maybe he is gone with the wind. My close friend, is back so i thought i can talk.. but he has a new gf, i cant share things to him like old times. Im normal in the crowd, busy, active, socialize, but [..more..]

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Tuesday 22nd May 2012


Im getting random suicidal thoughts again…Dont know why so its bugging me …life does suck for me, but in the same it doesnt….anyways ttyl :/ i hope

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Saturday 19th May 2012


i have a boyfriend…who i love very much. And he says the same thing, but how do i know he really does? hes done stuff in the past and i let it go because thats how much i like him, and i dont let what hes done change how i feel abtt him!!! what do [..more..]

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Friday 18th May 2012


i hate my sister she treats my mom like trash im just wating for the day she hurts her i dont know what to do no matter what i chosse my mom how do i distance my self from her nobody understands

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Thursday 17th May 2012


i have the feeling you dont like me anymore 🙁 i should have seen this coming. my fault :$

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Monday 7th May 2012


why? why are you changing? you used to be so nice, innocent, and pure. now youre trying to change yourself to be someone like me. im not perfect, should i be happy that you want to be like me? some people would say yes, but i say no! i have tried to harm myself, im [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd May 2012


when things just dont work out.. and all you can think about is “why me?” why dont you start asking yourself, “why not me?” because i can do all things through Christ who strengthen me! philippias 4:13

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