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Posted by on 2011/12/08 under Uncategorized

why do i feel like everything i do, is never good enough for you.
im always seeking your approval, that few words that mean so much to hear.
“im proud of you” or even just “well done” its always do this, or do that. i can’t do anything right. And im tired of you treating me like im nothing.

whenever people are over its get this, or do this.
yet you just sit there, and demand everything from me.
I am not your slave, i dont mind doing things if im acknowledged for doing them. You dont even say please or thank you.

Im sick of you, your opinions and how everything i do must follow your expectations. I am my own person, i have my own habits and not everything i do has to be to your standard.

I am not perfect, not neither are you..

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