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there is this guy in my school, he is supperr cute!! or shuld i sat hott!! but he is rude to people who arent “popular”.. im in the popular group…so its all good for me.. but he can be a real jerk to kids who dont have what it takes.. please help me to decide if i should still like him or not!! thankss!! ilovemd

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well if he’s like that, that shows how muh of a shallow person he is and i dont think its good to be with someon like that.. well thats my opinoin

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve devised a short quiz to help you decide.

    1) Which do you value more?
    a) Looks
    b) Personality

    2) Someone you know is sitting all alone on a bench, crying. You want to comfort her but she’s kind of nerdy and no one really talks to her ever. What do you do?
    a) Walk away – people will think you’re a weirdo if you talk to her…
    b) Go over and comfort her – who cares what other people think? It’s better that someone cheers her up!

    3) Imagine this guy doesn’t exist for a moment – instead, there’s another guy you like, but he isn’t one of the popular kids. He’s really nice and quite cute and you really like him. What do you do?
    a) Don’t go out with him; your friendship group is more important and you won’t be able to hang out with him and them at the same time.
    b) Go for it – you know he likes you back, and he’s more important than your other friends.

    4) There’s a guy you like who’s in the popular group, but he’s kind of a jerk to people who aren’t popular. What do you do?
    a) Go out with him anyway
    b) Don’t go out with him
    c) Hey, this was my original question!

    Mostly a’s: Go out with him! You’d rather be happy with him, even if he can be mean to other people.
    Mostly b’s: Don’t go out with him. Choose kindness over romance.
    Mostly c’s: Buy a unicorn and fly to Mars
    Mostly d’s: This quiz is stupid but it might help you make up your mind.

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