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Monday 3rd December 2012


My life is turning out to be as the life’s in alternate reality’s.You know,those shows,movies,you call it as you want,where everything misplaced..just not right.I realize it(and it sucks in a away),and it irritates me more and more the way it is,but i don’t know how and from where to try,to get it back,to get [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012


or are you waitng for me to f*** it all up? to make a f***ing fool of my self? more then i already did.i just want to talk to you from time to time for f*** sakes.why the f*** caring for someone is a bad thing? why should it be? its f***ing not a bad [..more..]

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Wednesday 28th November 2012


I feel like I’m suffocating. I know that I shouldn’t be so focused on school, that I should live my life a little, but I’m so scared. I’m so scared of failure, of becoming someone I wouldn’t like, of doing things that would make me regret anything at all. I’m so scared of living that [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd November 2012

Listen to me.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s ever going to be my turn to vent to someone. I never do. I keep it all bottled up inside. I guess I feel like no one is going to care. My life is fine, not that dysfunctional or anything. Maybe I’m just being spoiled. It would really be nice [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st November 2012

Anyone Who Needs Someone To Talk To

Hey everyone if you ever need a friend a comforter im here as may not go threw the probelms you go threw but i can atleast help you and be a friend if anyone would like to talk you can email me At ANYONE if you would like to talk or text you can [..more..]

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Saturday 17th November 2012


What’s it called when you don’t love someone anymore and your only with them so you can make them happy because as much as you don’t want to be with them anymore seeing them upset would hurt more? Love?

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Friday 16th November 2012


someone made me feel the courageous person in me, a lot changes to place thereafter. As for the past few days though, i feel like i’m walking backwards, the road feels so familiar! Don’t want to go back there!I need an exciting,laughter-filled conversation, hope tomorrow’s family gathering brings one.

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it my turn

it just feel like im the ones telling my friend everything they need to hear to help them but when it comes to my they have nothing to say. so i just sing it away and be done wit it. im not liked by boys, by best friend is liked by everyone and im the [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th November 2012


I feel guilty…. Please someone help me.

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Tuesday 13th November 2012

i wish

i wish there was someone to help me. someone who would take the time to heal me, fix me. i have feel empty and hallow. i wish i could change and some days i try and some days i sit down and give up.i am having religous problems but who do i go to talk [..more..]

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