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Monday 28th May 2012


For the first time, I really loved someone…. I still think he is the man of my dreams. And now I am sitting here, one year later….. and I still am missing him…more then ever….

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Monday 14th May 2012


what am i to u? just somebody u kno? a stranger with memories? nobody? to me.. ur my best friend.. someone i cant live without.. someone i would be with for the rest of my life.. someone that i can rely on.. someone i can trust.. but these days im not sure.. uve changed.. we’ve [..more..]

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Monday 7th May 2012


why? why are you changing? you used to be so nice, innocent, and pure. now youre trying to change yourself to be someone like me. im not perfect, should i be happy that you want to be like me? some people would say yes, but i say no! i have tried to harm myself, im [..more..]

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I wish i was everything to someone. I’m tired of being an afterthought or an, ‘Oh i like her, but not enough to want anything serious with her.’ I feel like it’s always me that throws my all into the situation. I’m just waiting for someone else to do the same.

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Sunday 6th May 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here… Today is the happiest day of my life, i got a cutie for girlfiend and i just wanted to share it with someone…

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Saturday 5th May 2012


i like this boy but idk if he likes me back..he acts like he does but idk if he really does or not..i want to know cuz i think hes cute..i like him and idk if he likes me back..i want to find out if he does or not…cuz if he does like me then [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd May 2012


Thats just such a low thing to do, be embarrassed that you are friends with someone just because a lot of other people don’t like them, to deny it, and say you are only acquaintances, and right in front of them too..No matter what that person does they have a right to be respected. Just [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st May 2012


i miss you so much, its been two months now and you already found someone new. i f***ed up and couldn’t get you back. i dont know what to do anymore

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Sunday 29th April 2012


No matter what you do or how you do it, if you make mistakes or if you think your family hates you, im telling you they don’t, behind that angry exterior, that rough fur lies, someone who loves you and cares for you!

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My Counciler told me, “Many people expereance the pain of lossing people precious to them. But i just shoot right back at her, “But their pain isnt mine. Im alone with the pain and burdens I carry, because im not them, and they didnt lose what I lost. They lost someone or something precious to [..more..]

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