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Wednesday 11th July 2012


So i fell for my guy best friend and my bestfriend told me that he liked me, so i was like maybe i will give this a chance so we have been talking and i slip in the who do you like question and i thought it would be a nobody but he said that [..more..]

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Monday 9th July 2012


well im 15 and i have this friend who name is cassandra and she said that she might be bysexual. a year later i thought that i might be bysexual too. so i asked her how shes knows that she is. well she told me that i have to wait to see if i grow [..more..]

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Wednesday 4th July 2012

Self involved

Everyone thinks their problem is big, they just keep telling their stories and their problems, its like ‘cos they know how to express they just keep expressing. I also have a lot of issues, i also have soo much stress, so many things on my mind bothering me, some killing me, torturing me. But they [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd July 2012


I have lived with knowing that I will never be perfect compared to my brother. I have searched for true love for so long…after all that all I ever wanted, now I have someone who I love unconditionally and I feel no passion from him. Im have reverted back to the over thinking days, the [..more..]

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Monday 2nd July 2012


god i actually need help. or someone. sometimes the loneliness consumes me

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Sunday 1st July 2012

Losing in Love

When someone you love tells you that they think that your mentally unstable,simply because they wronged you and you questioned why and then use that to basically erase you from their lives, it really is heartbreaking.They refuse to talk about the issue,refuse to see you after you have shared everything.How do you move on ? [..more..]

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Monday 18th June 2012


F*** i hate not being with her but if i dont got you then f*** it someone better should stay for good. Someone who will understand the important things

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Friday 8th June 2012


I am so depressed. It’s so scary at my house. I always have nightmares. And there’s ticks everywhere.I feel like I’m in a scary forest. Lost in the dark. And all alone. And the world is out to destroy me. And someone is controlloying me. I’m always shy. And I’m sad. 3 years ago. The [..more..]

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Thursday 7th June 2012


SO I just hooked up with someone 35 years older than me. HOLY S***. He was 55. I am 19. He couldn’t get it up. OMG. WTF did I just do?! I sucked his d***. He ate me out. what am I even? What the f*** is going on in my brain? I mean why [..more..]

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Monday 4th June 2012


Have anyone out there felt like expressing something, creating something or inspire someone? I have. I love to write, and I love to be creative and use them both to make something inspiring, something up-lifting in hope of giving someone their faith back. Lately I have been thinking about writing a book, but I don´t [..more..]

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