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Monday 27th August 2012

Why still I’m not happy?

Why I’m still not happy, i have a friend, i have someone to love me, but not sure if they love me back, but I don’t really care, because we already best friends, but why I’m still not happy.. there is something missing in my life I don’t know what it is.. i spend my [..more..]

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Sunday 19th August 2012


There people in the world like my bother and sister that say thing that make me feel sad. Why do people say thing that make you mad or sad? Is it because someone did to them. I love my bother and sister but if there was a away to say that how.

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Thursday 16th August 2012

No point trying

I tried really hard all the time to be friends with someone I really care about. However, it all seems like a one way street and it seems like the only thing I can do is to let go and forget.

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Saturday 11th August 2012

how to feel

Have u ever lust someone because they lust u. I really can’t think of how ifeel right now. I just love that people can look at me and be around me and see how I see my self. Beautiful

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Friday 10th August 2012


Just looking for someone to talk to.

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Wednesday 8th August 2012

I WISH someone would understand me. I WISH someone would just sit there and listen to all of my problems. I WISH someone would actually care about me, not just ask if i’m ok, actually fully want to listen and care when I break down and say i’m not ok. I feel like I am [..more..]

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I wish, that someday I would meet someone who was exactly like me. Who has been through what I have been through, who has felt what i’ve felt. Then maybe, just maybe, that person would understand me

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Saturday 4th August 2012

Hopeless Romantic

I want a love so great that everyone who even glimpses it can feel its warmth. A love so great that no one near feels envious because they’re so busy feeling happy from its radiance. I want a love so great that I can become a better person because of it. I want to be [..more..]

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Sunday 22nd July 2012

my fears

i just am confused. i have never loved someone fully, but yet and be hold. when i think about you i feel like “i am in love.” i am young so i do’t really know what it is, but you make me believe. i think i love you because, i am constantly thinking about you, [..more..]

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Wednesday 18th July 2012


i wish some people could like someone and stick to that person… i mean its ok if you like2 people but if u r “in love” with one person then a couple days later u r “in love” with another person then it’s rude because you are just playing with people’s feelings and that’s cruel.

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