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Thursday 26th April 2012


I’m tired of all this. I’m not sure how much more I can take. I just need someone, anyone really, to come and save me from all this crap.

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Wednesday 25th April 2012


I always need to get that affirmation from someone. If I dont, I constantly question myself. I need to be content with myself. I need to be able to feel good about myself just because I am me.

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Tuesday 24th April 2012


Right now I’m sitting in a wet diaper and sucking on my binky. I wish someone would bath me and change me.

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Saturday 21st April 2012


It’s so hard..especially when i keep thinking about him..i can’t stop thinking about how am i supposed to move do i do this..why do i feel so wrong when i try to see someone else…why do i only see him with me..and no one else..why..why does it have to be him..why do i [..more..]

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Wednesday 18th April 2012


Have you ever stopped to look back on your life and wonder where you went wrong. I find myself looking back, wishing I’d kept in contact with so many friends. Instead I have few close friends and find myself lonely. For anyone reading this, make sure you keep in contact with your friends. Sure I’m [..more..]

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Sunday 15th April 2012


Why can’t I be beautiful like her? She is so pretty I hate myself. This is not me. I feel stupid for feeling self concsious about me myself. But I can’t help it but thinking I’m the ugliest duck on earth. I just want to be pretty so that he will like me, and not [..more..]

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Saturday 14th April 2012


All of my friends are so pretty. I feel ugly. I feel I’m not worth a penny. They’re so beautiful inside out I’m so jealous. Why are they so perfect? Why can’t I be just a bit like them? I’m so jealous. I’m ugly and worthless. People don’t give a s*** about me because I’m [..more..]

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Whatever no one gives a f*** anyway. A good adviser needs good advice too you know? I have so much going through my mind, I wanna talk to somebody but whenever I do I always feel like I’m annoying them. Maybe it’s true. Maybe I’m the annoying one. I’m not anybody’s special. I’m just someone [..more..]

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I’m just someone to you. I’m just someone you messing with. I know I should not get attached, I promise myself I would not let this feeling get to me, but look where it got me. I’m falling for you each day. Your kiss still gets me every time but why does it even matter [..more..]

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Saturday 7th April 2012


I’m just going to come out with it.. I am in love with someone who is gay and I don’t know what to do about it anymore. My closest friend now has a girlfriend and I feel I don’t have anyone. My flatmates all want to do things without me and I feel lost. Lost [..more..]

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