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Whatever no one gives a f*** anyway. A good adviser needs good advice too you know? I have so much going through my mind, I wanna talk to somebody but whenever I do I always feel like I’m annoying them. Maybe it’s true. Maybe I’m the annoying one. I’m not anybody’s special. I’m just someone that you know. I’m losing everyone, I’m so good at pushing people away from me. No, scratch that, people choose to stay away from me because I’m not good enough. I will never be pretty like those girls, I will never be as tall as them, I will never pull off that shirt like them, I will never get the guys to say “Damn” and I’m just someone you know. Even your sister doesn’t know about me, who ever knows about me, because I’m a shame to you. It’s a shame if people find out I’m hanging out with you. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for embarrassing you I’m not pretty enough. You get mad at me for telling people about you, why? because I’m proud to have a friend like you and I want to make my girls jealous of me. But I was wrong, you don’t feel like I’m your best friend do you? Because if I am, your other friends would have already heard about me. I’m sorry I’m such a shame. I’m sorry for making you look bad. I’m just someone you know. I understand. I mean nothing to you and never will. I thought I got your heart but I was wrong. I offer you everything and you liked every thing but I was wrong. That’s not how to get to your heart. I know better now. I’m sorry I’m such a shame. I’m such a shame I can’t even look at me in the mirror. Because I mean nothing. I’m worthless. I’m just someone to you. I mean nothing to you.

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