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Monday 12th March 2012


angry, no not angry, well yes bloody angry, im great, im good im nice and you know what why dosnt she care, for once i just want someone to think of me first, to even just show they care as much as i do, to WANT to care as much as i do. yet again [..more..]

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Tuesday 6th March 2012


I think i’ve hit a new low point in my life. Decided to drop out of uni because it was depressing me and I didn’t want to carry on something I didnt enjoy. Now, I can’t stop thinking about ways to end it all, I don’t see any point anymore, no amount of support from [..more..]

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Monday 5th March 2012


Why won’t you notice me? I cried. Fine, I cried beneath my glasses so you wouldn’t see my tears, but isn’t that your job? TO tell when I’m feeling down, even through my fake smiles and silliness. Why doesn’t anyone notice. I thought that maybe he did notice, because he came over and sat down [..more..]

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Saturday 3rd March 2012


what is wrong with me?! what the hell is wrong with me? there are so many things going through my head and all i want is for them to stop. just stop, and go away! i want someone exactally like me someone who i can talk to, someone to be with me when times are [..more..]

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i feel so lonely. i have no one to talk to or just be with. i always feel like i’m invisible to the world and all my friends. it always feels like my friends don’t want me around them or that i’m a total b**** to all of them. my life is so by that [..more..]

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Wednesday 29th February 2012


What’s wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with me?! What’s wrong with YOU?! Why the hell do you want me around anyway!? Just to call me names and make me feel like CRAP?! To freaking threaten me when I don’t want to do things your way!? Why?! I tried to leave once, but [..more..]

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Sunday 26th February 2012


sometime feel like I have noone to join in a conversation about video games or matters that others might find too “geek” ish. Why is that so? Is it so hard to find someone into learning elven and playing l.o.l or skyrim?

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Tuesday 21st February 2012


I’m tired of being strong. I just want someone to hold me and smooth my hair while I cry enough water to fill a dried up lake.

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


Hella people are getting into relationship, or they are either seeing someone else, and me? I’m forever alone

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Thursday 9th February 2012


“Write where it hurts” It’s been so long since I enjoyed life, I can’t even recall it to tell you what it feels like to enjoy it. Whenever I am asked to recall a good memory, there is an overwhelming sense of emptiness. I have no memory that is, as they put it, happy. At [..more..]

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