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Sunday 25th November 2012

In Love With Someone I Will Never Have

It hurts so bad to see him with other people. I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I have loved this boy for four years now, and now he has a beautiful girlfriend, and I am alone in the corner. I have tried falling for other people, but I keep going back [..more..]

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Friday 23rd November 2012

exponential spin the bottle

so i had an idea of a variation of spin the bottle. instead of the regular spin and kiss thing each round you multiply the time period in which you kiss by 2. you would start with a base time say 1 second next round it would be a 2 second kiss then 4 than [..more..]

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First Time

So I’ve been emotionally depressed, and think everything is wrong with me. I am 17 years old, female, and currently going through a rough patch of my life, well for me anyways. My boyfriend broke up with me, the one i lost it to, and now I’m crushed, I feel empty inside, I gave him [..more..]

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I’ve been friends with my best friend for 5 years now, and things have changed, she’s changed. I know that things never stay the same but she’s turned into a different person. She’s depressed and she cuts but I have no idea why. I’m not the best at talking about personal things so I haven’t [..more..]

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Friday 16th November 2012

where did i go wrong?

i cant stand the idea of lossing him. a best friend is supposed to be there for u no matter what right? so why is he choosing his slut and boys over me? does he cry to boys does he tell his slut how he truely feels? NO thats where i come in. loosing him [..more..]

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Monday 12th November 2012

Thumbs up

This is a nice site so far.Nice idea and no spam.Thanks for making it.I may use it sometimes.

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Saturday 22nd September 2012

do you ever wonder?

Do you ever have that feeling like you’re like is completely out of control and you have no idea where your life is heading? Do you ever just think to yourself, who am I? What am I even doing? I feel like that every second of every day. I honestly don’t have any words to [..more..]

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Sunday 16th September 2012

Is that weird?

I don’t like kissing. I don’t like doing it and i don’t like the idea of doing it. Is that weird?

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Sunday 9th September 2012

What can I do?

I feel so down right now its that exact moment where you’re not your normal but worse where you think of everything that is wrong in your life and realize that everything in your life is wrong. I don’t believe in true love anymore even though I want to and would like to be my [..more..]

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Been single so far

So I’m turning 20 in a few months and I’ve never had a boyfriend. Of course all of my friends are in a relationship and that use to put me down for a while and i hated it I always felt that there was something missing and it affected my self-esteem going through your teenage [..more..]

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