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So I’ve been emotionally depressed, and think everything is wrong with me. I am 17 years old, female, and currently going through a rough patch of my life, well for me anyways. My boyfriend broke up with me, the one i lost it to, and now I’m crushed, I feel empty inside, I gave him basically everything of me, and then I get a slap in the face, from him saying he wants to be ‘friends’, and not just friends, its”friends for now” what is that supposed to mean? FOR NOW, two words, a million different reasons.. so I just ended it completely.. completely. And I don’t know if I did the right thing, but I am going to pretend I did, I’m going to act like it doesn’t bother me that me and him are over. Anyways I need to jsust get all this out, I keep rambling, and rambling. My school.. university, everything is coming so fast,well I still have time, but my stupid annoying friends bother the s*** out of me to see where Im going and is INSISTING that we must go and room together, how is that a university experience.. well its not, so its not happening. Oh now my parents, crazy, psycho, no idea what is going on with them, with us, everything is so distant. Im so frustrated with everything, and i mean everything, I can’t even look at myself anymore without feeling like Im not worthyenough, I feel that I need to be perfect for them, but it’s just not possible. Im a mess, I don’t know where to go anymore, i always get frustrated, andI just feel lost, and I feel that im not good enough. I have no idea who I am anymore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    don’t stress out about the whole guy issue you have college that’s more important than guys. this is a big world and i’m sure your perfect guy is out there waiting for you,keep your eyes open. as for the whole university thing you need to go where YOU want to. don’t worry about anybody else because its not their decision its yours. and if you don’t go where your friends are going they’ll grow up,get over it, and be happy for you, and you’ll meet new people at the college too. stop stressin everything will be fine!(:

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