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It hurts so bad to see him with other people. I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I have loved this boy for four years now, and now he has a beautiful girlfriend, and I am alone in the corner. I have tried falling for other people, but I keep going back to this original boy. He is so handsome and nice and perfect. And it kills me inside because he has no idea how much I care about him. How much I would do for him. How wonderful we could be together. It doesn’t help that he has become the most popular boy in my school. There is no way that I have a chance with him. I have turned down all the boys that have ever liked me, because I thought the boy I liked would come for me one day. But he never did. I wasted the past four years of my life trying to impress a boy who never even cared about me in the first place. And now, none of the guys like me because I am constantly turning them down. I feel bad. But I will never stop caring for this one boy. And it isn’t even funny anymore. I think I just need to… Stop it all and find someone else I guess. Someone who will actually love me back. People might think this sounds stupid and dumb. But they do not understand. It hurts so bad to see someone you love, love someone else. And that’s just the truth.

One thought on “In Love With Someone I Will Never Have

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry you have to deal with this. Seeing someone you love love someone else is the worst thing I agree. But remember that all things happen for the best and someone else will come along. Whether you know it or not, there is probably some other guy who is in love with you while you have been obsessing over this guy for the past four years! Open your mind and your heart and see other guys for who there are. Give other people a chance because if you never try youll never know.

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