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So I’m turning 20 in a few months and I’ve never had a boyfriend. Of course all of my friends are in a relationship and that use to put me down for a while and i hated it I always felt that there was something missing and it affected my self-esteem going through your teenage years and what is going to be my adult life by the looks of things without having a boy tell you that they like you. After watching the relationships around especially my parents I started to realize that maybe being single doesn’t mean the end of the world. I’ve actually become accustomed to the idea that of not having a boyfriend when I look into the future I don’t see myself having a boyfriend or husband or even children. I do think it’s possible to go have a complete life without these things we feel that we need them because we grew up with this notion and its presented to us in our everyday life and there’s no escaping it. It took me a while to believe that it was the situation that I’m in is ok that there’s nothing wrong with me but still a part of me wants to have a boyfriend and I sometimes fear that this could make take haste decisions and jump at the first chance of a relationship just because I am secretly desperate not that there is a chance of that actually happening but it’s one of my fears.

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