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Thursday 7th June 2012


gosh i cant believe we’re together now, i love you so much and i really hope this never ends i hope you will wait for me. long distance relationship wow i cant believe we’re together. i am so in love with you. you have no idea how much i missed you just because you had [..more..]

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Saturday 19th May 2012


So unsure where my life is heading… I feel like an absolute mess at the moment… I feel dead inside,empty, sad, alone,miserable,gutted just nothing….hollow…… Trying to cope with the sudden loss of my nephew, my marriage hitting the rocks and then the love i have for another guy…Plus then the nagging worry of my kids..Not [..more..]

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Thursday 10th May 2012


sleeping with u was a bad idea…that probably just ruined everything, that friendship…bye bye to that :-\

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I don’t understand ‘Romantic Love’ why do people in a relationship break up and find a new one to be in a relationship when I know that they know that it will never last? I haven’t experience that ‘romantic relationship’ yet so I don’t have any Idea… well Love is Crazy

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Tuesday 8th May 2012


I f***ing hate life. It’s not fair that some people have it so easy. They don’t even have to try hard to have a perfect relationship, have beauty and brains, and all that s***. I’m so f***ing sick and tired of feeling so stressed out and crying my f***ing eyes out over the dumbest s***. [..more..]

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Friday 4th May 2012


who actually knows the true purpose of life, the true reason we were put here on Earth? some say it was God’s way of fulfilling what was meant to be, while others have no intention of even thinking,guessing or caring about this very subject. I suppose it comes from deep down really, the way you’ve [..more..]

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Saturday 28th April 2012


I wonder, is it because when u were with ur friends u tends to talk to me better? Last night the way u talk to me hurts me, u refuse to give me reason, want me to guess. Do you know how much I wish I could have left you and never turn back? Your [..more..]

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Wednesday 25th April 2012


My aunt and my mom are fighting so much right now and it’s horrible and they are so loud.mi can’t take this anymore. This is the worst fight it’s ver been and now my uncle is getting involved and I’ve never headprd him yell before and the worst part is my moms family is from [..more..]

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Thursday 5th April 2012


In this diagram of concepts, each “bubble” or circle represents an idea, or concept. If “blue” were the circle, for example, it would include all things relating to blue, or just general blueness. Within this diagram there is the Puritan society which is connected with stability, theocracy and civilization as well as Hester Prynne as [..more..]

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Monday 12th March 2012


angry, no not angry, well yes bloody angry, im great, im good im nice and you know what why dosnt she care, for once i just want someone to think of me first, to even just show they care as much as i do, to WANT to care as much as i do. yet again [..more..]

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