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Saturday 19th February 2011

All I want at this moment is for my mom to let me sleep over my boyfriends house! I love being with him and he makes me so happy. I wouldn’t see why I couldn’t, but her being old-fashion she would find everything wrong with the idea. I used to lie to her about where [..more..]

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Thursday 9th December 2010

i loike that idea #96

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Thought Link removed…, how about the ability to add comments and if you want name. I don’t like logging in, or the email response idea. If you write a post and want a comment you have to check the page yourself. The alternative I could think of is Thoughts auto link if you use #number. [..more..]

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to thought #91, i feel like that would defeat the purpose of this site entirely. also, there is already a site that is exactly what you’re talking about ( so the idea’s taken.

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I wish we could comment on other thoughts… but it is anonymous so I wouldn’t know if someone commented me anyway. I wish we could of log in so we could get notified of comments and the option of putting our username on the thought instead of a number (but still be anonymous if we [..more..]

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Friday 29th October 2010

I feel… so what help will it do writing it on here? i mean no ones gonna fix the problem because you see i am the problem. I “have” a best friend, we used to be really close, now not so more but i have no idea what i have done. i always feel like [..more..]

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Thursday 28th October 2010

Some people say i’m pretty but i believe it’s bulls***, but sometimes i do feel pretty. maybe not physically but internally. i love nature and everything. nowadays people don’t realize true able to feel better they cut themselfes,hurt other people,and not think anything but themselfes.its so sad to see the world the past [..more..]

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