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Saturday 25th August 2012


Not being able to fall sleep and having awful breams scare me to death. Have I been always like this? I also get really anxious and paranoid from nightmares.. I have no idea why this is all happening to me, I feel this is different than how I was before.. I wish I could sleep [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st August 2012

F*** it.

Let’s say I was going to commit suicide. Why? To throw my life away for the b****es and bastards that always make me feel like crap? NO. I’m not letting them win. But if you think about it, how much longer am I going to live this worthless life of mine? Isn’t it easier to [..more..]

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opened new beauty shop

I am feeling alot of fear. The company I worked for decided we were making to much money and put us all on a low hourly wage. My world has been turned inside out. So opened my own salon 12 weeks ago and i have no idea what i am doing. I can do the [..more..]

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Monday 13th August 2012

is my life fallin apart

i feel like my life is falling apart my friends dont even have time for each other now and i just feel so lonely. i came out of a bad relationship but i still feel like i miss the guy even though tings were constantly rough between us is this normal? sometimes i feel like [..more..]

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Sunday 12th August 2012

I feel I think and I learn

I see all the beautiful women around me and think not one is bad looking some may not be my type but certainly gorgeous every single one. I hate to be single and wish everyday I could spend time with a specific one, one that I can care bout just as much as she can [..more..]

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Saturday 4th August 2012


so I am 6 weeks pregnant accoding to ultra sound. I’m really excited about it, but I still wish it wasn’t now because the one time period in my life I chose to be irresponsible this happens to me and idk who the dad is for sure. I have a good idea who, but there [..more..]

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Wednesday 1st August 2012


Im not sure what it is about you, but you used to make me so happy. I look back on that short time in my life, and I can honestly say I was happy at the time. Looking back recently, I dont regret half of the decisions I made. Ive been able to reflect and [..more..]

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Wednesday 25th July 2012


I have this best guy friend but … it turns out he likes me and a whole bunch he says i might be the ” one ” . The only problem is i don’t like him like he likes me . I think i may have feelings for him but i have no idea O_o [..more..]

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Tuesday 24th July 2012


This might sound a little off, but just hear me out. I’m in a few social networking sites, and I read so many posts of people in emotional turmoil because they can’t achieve their idea of “happiness.” I feel so bad for these people, and sometimes I wish I could reach out and give some [..more..]

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Saturday 30th June 2012

I don’t know and I don’t care

At a young age I realized that life is not fair something that cannot be controlled. It never waits for when you’re ready or when you are prepared. For a long time now I felt I have been waiting for something, something that would change all my negative outlooks and turn them positive or a [..more..]

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