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Friday 21st December 2012

thoughts with that nigga zero

other people beside black people I have nothing against you you have not did any thing to me that I know of I don’t know that many different colored people I know mostly brown people not white colored people but hay they are alive to I know stories of people with white skin but know [..more..]

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years with out sex

yeah it is years with out sex from a man I keep filling like i’m going die like my female is leavin because of no male contact or fluids in me like I am a female and the males have things I need and want my life surrport system just touch my finger for 3 [..more..]

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true statement

I think the only people that are against drugs are first some of the people that lost some one due to drugs and second the people that are hiding themselves you have to be who you are don’t pay attention to what people think about you with GOD in your heart for real you will [..more..]

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Monday 10th December 2012

It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

I’m an eighteen year old engineering first year student studying for a super hard exam that is going to take place tomorrow. Like many other students currently taking this class, I was stressing out about whether I would do well or not, but then a question popped into my head: does it really matter? I’m [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th December 2012


sometimes i think that god put me on this planet to punish me .the reason why is because everyday i cry has i type this i am crying . another reason is that everyone seems to hurt no matter who it is im always getting hurt.why am i living on earth if all of my [..more..]

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Monday 26th November 2012

Anonymous love

Everything bad happens to me no matter what it would be friends , school , relationships but most of all family & i know your suppose to love your family but i just don’t i just don’t feel actually “love” for them . They never acted like my family they acted more like they were [..more..]

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012

i don’t want to lose you

i finally got the guy i’m head over heels for!! but now i feel as if i’m losing him.. he seems kind of distant towards me lately. i don’t know what i did or what to do? i don’t know if one of my friends messaged him or something. i’m just so confused. i’m scared [..more..]

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Sunday 21st October 2012

were do we began

i told we cant let em tear down what we built i told em if he ride or die then ill be his seat belt for sickness and inhealth for rich/poor and god knows im rich and niggas aint s*** and im ridin with ah girl name keisha smokin on uh…..!! (enough of no love)

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Tuesday 2nd October 2012


i love only 10 and i made my 1st communion and the whine is knda good and same with the bread.I LOVE GOD AND ISNT IT AMAZING HOW HE WORKS?! my granma didnt know she had a blood clot and she went to get a massage and if she got a massage she could [..more..]

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Monday 1st October 2012


sometimes i wonder if there is a god. i believe right until someone tells me something. i hurt all the time it is nothing new to me but when someone like my girls hurt i only want to lash out and there is nothing to stop me. i tell the people i care about that [..more..]

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