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Monday 20th June 2011

Why cant you message me back.don’t be so bloody rude.god damn boy I love you

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Tuesday 14th June 2011

Pleaseeeeeeee Caaallll me today Arman. I will wait for your caal. Dear God help me, please.

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Tuesday 10th May 2011

God I miss you…. Paint a line straight to my heart dont let it separate dont let it part If you love me let me know If you dont then let me go……Dont be afraid of how you feel show me your love show me its real…..I know you want to I know its true [..more..]

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Monday 18th April 2011

God I hate my life. All I want is you in my life and I cant have you….I could make you so happy we could be so good together….I got no Idea on what I am feeling right now…. I am so flat so depressed so down….. If I could end my life I would [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th April 2011

My trip down South was good but not…. Good because it gave me time away from here but not because it didnt include you…. I didnt even see you although I did do a couple of drive bys wishing you would come out just at that moment but then scared in case you did…..I cant [..more..]

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Sunday 10th April 2011

What happens with meeeee??? I don’t know,,,,, I can’t live in this way,,,,, I want him to call meeeee(((( He has’t called me yet today. I wait for him. I want to call myself, but I can’t. Pleaseeeee caaaaall meeeeeeee. Help me my Dear GOD.

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Thursday 31st March 2011

Not a minute of a day goes by that I dont think of you….Dreaming of you and I in ever possible scenario…. God how I wish some of them would come true…. In my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times, held you close and loved you passionately a million times…. . God why [..more..]

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Monday 7th March 2011

@296- Your heart is as beautiful as your dreams. With a goal like that I’m pretty sure God is with you all the way. I never knew a person so passionate about children. I hope all your dreams come true. As for your true love He will come soon. As soon as you’re ready.:) Good [..more..]

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Sunday 6th February 2011

i love god. he is awesome. he brings me joy, happiness and the freinds and family that always know how to make me proud to be a personne on this wonderful planet. from: liz and rabecca

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Friday 14th January 2011


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