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I think the only people that are against drugs are first some of the people that lost some one due to drugs and second the people that are hiding themselves you have to be who you are don’t pay attention to what people think about you with GOD in your heart for real you will not go wrong you may get hurt may not you may laugh sometimes may not you might fill all alone but you have you right were you always ways start from every day thank GOD for blessing us with this day smile f*** listen to music smoke drink f*** massage something play in some water don’t just use the water give the water love back it is always there when you need it or it is close by if you have a lot of money and you fill like sharing can I have some thankyou I am trying to see if I would take donations I think I would it is not just sex I am looking for i am not looking at all but if i come across something that i fill comfortable with then may be something can happen until then i pray to GOD him self and all that we talk about try and make the world safe trying to keep everybody alive and motivated and maybe inspire life and all that’s with life stuff be real hard for me a lot of the times and i can’t say anything because it would cause and arugement and that’s not for me so but i know with in my heart GOD made me for a lot of things but i only get to do what people think is right for me i don’t matter what i think or want sometimes a surprise come along but i don’t get to keep it until i want to freaking money man you don’t want it for real but you need it or for every thing you want and need is already taken care of you just spend your day entertaing if you want but socialize with …………. if i could think about myself i would want for everybody to stay alive first then for a dude to call me first because i like hearing a mans voice on the phone the opposite sex of me then after we talk he is on his way i’m chilling because i don’t know if he is coming but this is what i want so he is coming so i’m like playing the game until he gets here he’s here i’m in the car and we are driving not speeding just crusing i’m thing about sucking on him while he is driving we are going to not touch each other until we are face to face in front of each other once we get there we got a big assss jucuzii mirriors bubbles drinks things to smoke right tempeture breath right and we are enjoying my whole body from the voice from my mouth to the coldnest on the bottom of my feet .

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