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Monday 14th May 2012


for god’s sake all you morons. please don’t discriminate skinny bodies. i understand, now the rage is all about being healthy-sized, chubby. and how only healthy big girls are beautiful. ok that’s alright. but have you ever thought about the feelings of skinny girls? how the f*** do we feel when our body size is [..more..]

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Friday 6th April 2012


first thing i want to say is .birthdays are fun thay make me happy and all the presents are grate and fun to play with but now i relized that family is more better than presents candy or things because things like presents or candy cant love you hug you kiss you or tuck you [..more..]

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Tuesday 27th March 2012


Just hooked up with my ex last night… Now I realize why we broke up, it was horrible! oh my god wtf was I thinking…. Ughhh life you never cease to amaze me

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Monday 19th March 2012


How do things such as this happen in the world? God is a awesome god, yes, but also a selfish one….

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Sunday 18th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…my boyfriend is the most sweetest person but sometimes when he fails to understand me I feel so lonely without him today also he leave Me Alone at the moment i need him the most i really love him a lot and want him with me he is busy with his friends [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st February 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…in this morning, i feel so gloomy,why few jobs are not being done??…..when my days will be changed? Ohh i feel so lonely i need your kindness my god,please mercy on me

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


i miss him so much it hurts.. even though i am still young. it hurts becasuse i new i loved him and still do.. and ive waited soo long and still he hasent come back for me.. i look through his pics on facebook today for this first time in a long time.. and god [..more..]

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Sunday 12th February 2012


god damnit all i am trying to do is have some motherf***ing alone time and my bratty ass little sister wont leave me the f*** alone.i have written before and it was about her to she pinches,bites,and hits me and this time i am bleebing i wish people would leave me the f*** alone and [..more..]

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Friday 27th January 2012


Who i truly am hates who i’ve become. And in all honesty to god, i dont even know who that is anymore. I feel like I am never the same person. I’m always going through phases. and i feel like i’ve just lost so much of myself that i’m going to need more than just [..more..]

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Sunday 22nd January 2012


I feel like my parents hate me my older sister does whatever she wants then there’s me who can’t do anything is known as the bad kid and my parents never give me space I swear to god the s*** they do to me depresses me I debate killing myself just to see if death [..more..]

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