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yeah it is years with out sex from a man I keep filling like i’m going die like my female is leavin because of no male contact or fluids in me like I am a female and the males have things I need and want my life surrport system just touch my finger for 3 seconds see if we catch fire single men hello call me no come to me meet me all races welcome but you got to go in on half of everything cooking meals drinks smoke sex sex more than half but yeah another day without sex everything is getting touch but me well I get some hugs and a kiss every once and a while by my little ones Brittney and jerard yeah me other wise nothing no phone calles no nothing no visits no nothing not even in my dreams but I got to be okay I don’t know if I am pure or not I don’t care life is about sex because GOD wants us to multiply and to multiply and not have abortions you don’t know what your baby is until it comes out and then you might have a chance to find out I know being pregnant can be hard exspecally when you fill sick and throw up and can’t poop but if I can go through a relationship with a man and put up with things I started not to like about him and stick it out until it is over then if GOD bless my with pregnancies and carry till full term and deliver and healthy something a baby I have to do my best to take of baby and my self and all the children that’s with me under my care I don’t know who’s the killer every sex kill women you don’t have to kill babies don’t kill anything touch it and see what happens and don’t mistreat the little ones while they are little they are thinking been thinking since growing in the stomach of every mother the baby can only hear then but when the baby comes out they match the voice with the person they see your baby or babies are like surprises that GOD him self put in you babies may show us or they might just hold from you forever this male name donta want me to suck his thing knowing I haven’t sucked anybody in a long time told you no male contact but yeah he wants me to suck him like he’s not getting f***ed and sucked daily If I suck him I would be good but I need a man inside of me moving stuff around decorating me up putting his name there and then busing stuff all over it it’s been time for me to f*** but my body was angry with me and has not forgiving me alway yet so maybe I am not ready see I don’t know I am tired of f***ing with dudes I can’t have they cool as friends but stay away I don’t need yours or your girls temptation bothering me I think I look nice with my hair and clothes that I have but if you think you have better things for me to wear surprise me because I don’t know my sizes I just buy the big fitting stuff shoes too and when I did wear weave that inch my hair like something crawling in my hair and I can’t get to it yeah I had too get the ten dollar hair they have some good ten dollar hair too but I would like to beable to buy any hair I want no matter the cost not saying I am going to buy exspenives hair but I would like the choice the options well I guess I do just ten dollars options I do need new shoes I wouldn’t if yeah I need new shoes and boots and starking and knee hi’s all different colors surpose to get my phone today maybe we will talk about that later today trying to stay up until seven thrity in the morning if I do get a phone and unlimited service and some marrawwanna some yeah some peace maker to smoke and put in the air then get my hair done and some shoes on my feet with pantyhose and knee hi’s clothes that fills comfortable to my fillings and couple of hundreds in my purse don’t for get my drinks yeah lots of drinks and music in between and some cigarettes i’m say dippers dippers wetones wettones that zoom zoom

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