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other people beside black people I have nothing against you you have not did any thing to me that I know of I don’t know that many different colored people I know mostly brown people not white colored people but hay they are alive to I know stories of people with white skin but know stories of brown people too it’s not color it’s personality means is in every body and I heared stories about white people miss treating black people but so far I have came across black people fighting me hitting on me talking about me back stabbing me some white people to that’s why I say color don’t matter betrail has no color I have done some wrong yes and I believe with in my self that GOD knows that I apologie for any body I have ever hurt ever that’s why you have to think about other yourself to but other to because you don’t want them haunting you I don’t think it matters what people do to you it only matters of your response to want you do sounds like that word again trap people do things to you sometimes just so you can do something they can try and hold over you not caring about the things they did to you I guess I am going to be alone for new years no sex for me can I aleast have some drinks and smokes and good music and maybe a good movie to watch and no killing heard about wow the lights might be real bright hope the air and weather is good I need for all of us to make it even for all my sex if me not having sex keeps us all alive then I give sex up and that helps me knowing that I am helping to keep the world alive but I do want to get pregnant and carry a baby to full term and deliver the baby and care and raise the baby so I don’t know I have been pregnant twice so far I think I am full of eggs they are just hard to break but yeah I use to want to see how it fills to get pregnant back to back and how it fill to have twins inside of me moving around how many is kicking me and to brestfeed twins would that be diffecult or easy could I tell the apart yeah yeah the thing I think about having doing I don’t get to other people do sometimes I do but most of the time I don’t I fill so beat down because some of the people in the world it is sad to think about because all I ever want since I was a little female is living seeing what’s all in a whole day helping people I don’t know just all good stuff to do

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