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Friday 7th December 2018

Masturbators Anonymous

God, I am trying to get some clarity about this situation. M. just left me with the masturbator and I'm watching Mindhunter. She is going to the dentist and now I am just listening to the hum of the vibrator. I hope that I can survive this survivance and that I might be okay in [..more..]

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Sex Addicts Anonymous

God, I am in the living room and I can hear Bert dildoing herslef. And its really embarassing. I feel like she's trying to dominate THE FAMILIAR. I am watching Bates Motel and changing attention to the rain. I wish I could call SIA. That's why I'm writin to God. I am not to blame [..more..]

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Thursday 6th December 2018

Depressed Anonymous

God, Xanther has a Depressed Anonymous textbook! Third edition too! Isn't that awesome? I keep feeling closer to my program the more books available I find. I hope that Frank has our delivery so we can pick it up tomorrow or is it out of bounds that we pick it up because we've already moved [..more..]

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Self Mutilators Anonymous

God, I am making amends about the desire to cut off my penis. I was really scared I was gay and then not gay just the sex manaic that everyone made dad out to be, like, men will stick it in any hole they can get, which is probably true. And I wanted to cut [..more..]

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The Festival of Insignificance

God, Can God help me understand this festival of insignificance? What am I supposed to do with all of this? Is something supposed to happen at this point or should I just keep sitting? My best bet is to keep sitting, huh? Dogen has experience, man. We've gotta pay attention to experience. There really is [..more..]

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God Anonymous

God, I contacted Suicide Anonymous for some help in decomitting suicide. I am in the living room blamelessly. It is really hard work not having anyone to blame. But I am in here appreciating the solitude and the animals and the rain. And I left my ACA daily book outside in the tree so it's [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th December 2018

Helpers Anonymous

God, I am so scared. Lucifer and his beings are haunting me and I can't control them, (these demons). Please protect me and help my desire for the program of SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS HAPPEN! I really want this God. I really want to crave happiness. I don't trust any of these folks anymore. It feels [..more..]

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Land Liners Anonymous

God+, Please remind me to order a 40 footer phone chord (I repeat please remind me to order a 40 footer phone cord for the living room phone number.) I won't have any monies for quite a while so please remind me to get this the next time the monies come up. I appreciate the [..more..]

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God+, Please help me become unjealous about the cast and crew of the program blue bloods. Help me accept that I cannot entertain anyone nearly as much as TV actors can do. I cannot stand a chance in their lighting. I have to accept that without God I am less than nothing. Please help me [..more..]

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Beth – aspiring teacher M. – Nurse (R.N.) Shelby – Journalist // activist freelance Dad – Musician, plumber, construction, air conditioning, carpentry, landscaping, heating, etc. Gretchen – college student Grandpa Louie – Insurance Grandpa (Grandma Shelley) – stay at home M. (also did odd jobs here and there and volunteered occasionally (on the side)). Uncle [..more..]

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