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Wednesday 5th December 2018

Sensory Deprivation Tanklessness

toasters remind me of picking my nose; does that mean toast is like my boogers? (bookers?)

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Tuesday 4th December 2018

Madison Talbott

Sex Addicts Anonymous, Right now I am trying to get to sleep and I am being plagued by memories of nostalgia from my formative years. I'm beginning to see that the women I am with are me, at least the fantasies I've had of them are me, and what I've expected of them to be [..more..]

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A Christmas List for Jesus

God, Here is a non-item Christmas list; -Hope for Jack that he finds a job and his tree building business comes together and he might find God in the program that speaks the most to him. Other wise that God guide him towards an understanding of his intimate condition. -Hope for Beth that she gets [..more..]

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Necronautical Christmas

God+, Here is my re-vamped Christmas list I am going to try to get everything on here this time: -Corrupted Pilgrims Guide -Current and Currency -Posters -The courage of hopelessness -Christal Meth Anonymous, Chornic Pain Anonymous Stories of Hope, Debtors Anonymous 36 concepts -THE FAMILIAR -The Liturgy of The Hours

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Monday 3rd December 2018

Anarchic Harmony

The earth is evil, no-one will miss it.

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Necronautical Humor and Anarchic Comedy

God, I am feeling like I am watching M.'s past in the TV. I feel liike I am the nurse right now and I am observing her symptoms. What is going on!?! What is this? The impulse towards nostalgia is so powerful. She sometimes asks me where spots is while she's looking at him. Is [..more..]

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Spenders Anonymous

God+, His purchases were just made. We ordered two cocaine anonymous service shirts in green (medium) two guiaullme en egypte tees SScholems, Gershon Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism Finally)))) Soverignties In Question Workaholics Book of Discovery and another Thomas Pynchon teeshirt (to make two) Also finally also the Sloterdijk book I've been trying to get [..more..]

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Spenders Anonymous

God+, It is very obvious here that I am addicted to acquiring things, objects, shopping etc. This fits in with my program Spenders, Debtors, Gamblers and Workaholics Anonymous. Workaholics because it takes a lot of work for me to scour the web to find the things I am looking for. Debtors because I am in [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd December 2018

Necronautical Self-Care

God, I am trying to radically self care for myself and I want to show you how I am doing that by spending the money the way we want to spend it. -Burzum tshirt -Goosebumps -Christ Marker -THE FAMILIAR -Second Pynchon tshirt -Walrus poster -Selective muteness patch -Discovery Book WA -Eating Disorders Anonymous Big Book [..more..]

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Glassolalia, God, I am going to write out the chirstmas list that M. asked me to write to God; -Devon Rex -Current and Currency for Delillo -The Corrupted Pilgrims Guide -Book of Discovery for Workaholics Anonymous -Happy End poster -The Shining Poster -Christine Poster -Momo food -VEM Tshirt -Walrus poster -Working Typewriter -A cottage? -Owl [..more..]

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