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Thursday 13th October 2011


Sometimes I feel sad and down. I feel stressed. I am super unmotivated and my super important HSC is coming up and I haven’t studied. I am going to fail and all my family and friends will think I’m really dumb. I think I might just kill myself instead. And that one f***wit teacher who [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th October 2011


I don’t know if I’m normal, maybe that’s ok. Some days I don’t eat anything, but maybe that’s normal, and some days I eat enough to feed a family of four, but maybe that’s ok. and sometimes I can’t get out of bed; I can’t see why. And I stay in bed and look at [..more..]

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Sunday 9th October 2011


He was the love of my life… Some days I wish I could see him on last time and others I wish I never met him at all.. You knew from the day we met I had it all… and you couldn’t handle it.. So you took him away from me.. you didn’t want me [..more..]

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Saturday 24th September 2011


I feel so alone right now because my boyfriend broke up with me… I’m so hurt… Just when everything was perfect, he left me. Because of a girl who is his friend’s friend. I still love him. I still do.. But it seems that he hated me so much that he doesn’t even want to [..more..]

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Monday 8th August 2011


I wish you would realise how much I miss you. I even miss your family, the familiar smell of your house. I miss your arms wrapped around me before we go to sleep. I’m sorry for the way I behaved but you are so precious to me, that I will always have your back. Not [..more..]

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Wednesday 3rd August 2011


I’m going to miss him, even now I feel it. Knowing he won’t be gone for too long of a time, but still knowing I can’t see him when he has taken such and important place. Even though I know I will never have him for my own, it makes me sick to think about [..more..]

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Monday 1st August 2011


sitting alone in my room thinking about missed opportunities and wishing it was diferent. I am lucky that i have a fab family and great friends but wish somethings i had done differently. My career, schooling but mostly letting the boy I love walk away as i was in a bad place. Spending the last [..more..]

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Monday 27th June 2011

With a bf,friends,family why do I feel down a lot of the time. How can I feel lonely. I don’t have the right to feel down. But somehow do.

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Saturday 28th May 2011

Feels bad when someone in your family dies and you can’t be with them because you’re far away. Rest in peace uncle.

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Friday 18th March 2011

#331 Go tell an adult. They can help you and take you to foster care where you’ll get fed and sheltered or go to any family member you may have.

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